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“Our experience was absolutely amazing! We choose to buy and sell with Acuity and was blown away by the overall experience! Not to mention the money we saved… I couldn’t ask for a better team!”

“No need to look any further. This is the future of real estate. Can’t say enough about our experience. Thank you for everything!”

“Acuity went above and beyond to sell our home. Keeping more equity in our house is what brought us to Acuity, however, their transparency and quality of service is why we stayed.”

frictionless, personalized, & transparent.

Expert Marketing

Since 50% of people that will ever see your home online will see it in the first seven days, our in-house creative agency hits the ground running with architectural photographers, smart targeting, social media campaigns, buyer behavior alignment, and some incredible high-tech capabilities.

We then actively market your home to those buyers across a broad range of targeted channels like Zillow, Trulia, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, as well as in print. Simply put, we don’t wait for your perfect buyer to find us. We find them.

Accurate Valuation

We leverage AI, Machine learning, and Local expertise to get your home priced right the first time – this is absolutely critical as we consider how people search online for homes like yours

Task Specialization

We believe in specialization over the typical generalist approach of the traditional agent. Behind every Acuity agent is a team waiting to use their specific set of skills to properly price your home, prepare it for the market, market to the most relevant buyers, and negotiate to meet your goals.

Consider: an efficient doctor’s office has at least a receptionist, an office manager, a nurse, and the doctor. Patients don’t want their doctor answering phones, filling out insurance forms, drawing blood, and ordering supplies.

We have marketers focusing on marketing, technologists focusing on tech, and agents focusing on clients.


It’s easy to make a client think a 6% commission is worth it when there’s no transparency into the process, but with today’s technology and the ability to have a visible transaction, most home sellers can see that the cost of selling just doesn’t fit.

We deliver a better service for half the price or our Concierge level service for the same fee as a traditional agent.

Acuity Realty

A modern real estate brokerage designed for savvy homeowners looking for exceptional service at the fairest prices.