In any profession with a “low barrier” to entry with a high potential upside, it will attract those looking for “easy money”. “Easy money” in real estate is an agent simply putting a listing on the MLS and waiting till a buyer finds it on Zillow. It’s tricky to know who the best is when every agent holds themselves to different standards regardless of the brokerage they hang their license with.

For example, Agent 1 and Agent 2 at Keller Williams will ultimately provide two completely different transaction experiences. From the type of technology they leverage, their marketing tactics, to how they communicate during one of largest investment decisions of their client’s lives.

It takes more than just systems and procedures to deliver consistent exceptional service, it takes: The most knowledgable local real estate experts, leveraging the most advanced technology, backed by industry-leading marketing/creative teams to even come close to an exceptional experience.

The Linchpin in our operation at Acuity is our Home Investment Advisors (not agents). A Home Investment Advisor is fundamentally different than a typical Agent — They serve as a real estate asset fiduciary to their clients, providing guidance on all real estate matters from lifestyle to financial goals. Our Advisors are the next generation of realtors. Approaching all clients’ needs with a servant’s heart and remain intimately involved throughout the life cycle of homeownership.

Acuity’s talent acquisition strategy is as follows: Set an incredibly high bar for talent and never compromise.

Traditional Brokerages do things a little different. They see their agents as revenue generators for their brokerage. More agents = More money. These agents ultimately control how their business is run. To be clear this is not a bad thing necessarily. However, without standards, there will be extreme variance in client experience throughout the Brokerage. From our point of view at Acuity, that is simply unacceptable.

Realtors have an incredible responsibility and without the proper support, are forced to be experts in all aspects of their business or fail to deliver an experience their clients deserve. These responsibilities include being a marketing and business development savant, a detail-oriented transaction manager, a true local expert, a relationship developer, an investment advisor, and a salesperson.

Ever heard of a Jack of all trades but a master of none?… Even Steve Jobs needed Steve Wozniak. Now many agents do have teams to support them in these efforts. However, recruiting top talent isn’t cheap. This forces traditional Realtors to lower their standards for talent or increase their fees.

When we were designing Acuity every decision was measured against this question: “Does this help make a better overall buying/selling experience for our clients?”. When looking at recruiting agents the same question was asked and again we got a different answer than most traditional brokers. Quality over Quantity.

Do you want lots of options or do you want the best? It’s tough to tell who the best is. And with every brokerage accepting anyone with a real estate license you’re betting on the Agent to be a jack of all trades.

We wanted acceptance into our Brokerage to mean something. That you perform at a higher level. That your standards are above that of a “typical agent”. That you align your success with your client’s. That you are apart of something different, something special.

You may be thinking, “this sounds great but how do you get the best Agent’s.”. It’s actually pretty simple… You make them Partners. So that when the Brokerage wins, they win. This logic opens the floodgates to a better overall service, for better results, at a cheaper price.

Now, this doesn’t scale fast by any means. It does however set the president of high standards without compromise. And that’s ok with us.