why we started Acuity

The truth is residential real estate is broken. Technology has reduced the cost and effort required by the traditional residential real estate agent. Yet the industry stubbornly remains in a high-cost business model that pre-dates the Internet.

Paying a broker $20,000 or more to enter your house details on the MLS & Zillow is, in our opinion, socially irresponsible and frankly stealing hard-earned equity from homeowners.

I’m AK Metoyer, Co-founder & Head of Strategy & Growth at Acuity. We founded Acuity to bring residential real estate in line with today’s expectations of quality, experience, and transparency. To serve as a model for exceptional service and social responsibility in an industry lacking it.

We’ve rebuilt the real estate brokerage model around the client experience. The result is a modern, tech-enabled, tailored service that ultimately reduces the time, cost, and friction associated with buying and selling a home.

How Selling Your Home Works Today

There are discount brokers and traditional brokers. Discount brokers save you money by doing what the average agent does for cheaper (entering your house details on the MLS & Zillow).

There are two types of traditional brokers: True Local Experts and “local agents”. In both cases you pay more, however, only one of the mentioned may reap more return.

Payless and save = you win

Pay more and get more = YOU WIN (how do you know you got more?)

Pay more and get less = THEY WIN (YOU LOSE).

The latter is the unfortunate reality for most.

This is why we are so passionate about our tiered, hybrid approach to selling a home. We implement strategies proven to maximize your return in the most efficient, frictionless, and personalized way possible. We leverage True Local Experts (Home Investment Advisors) who are backed by the latest technology, an in-house marketing/creative agency, and a team of experienced transaction specialists to ultimately push past the outdated practices of traditional real estate.

Acuity’s Approach to a Smarter Way to Sell Your Home

Our process is designed to get your home sold fast while providing the level of service you deserve… the best, at a price that makes sense.

  • Expert Marketing
  • Task Specialization
  • Tiered Pricing (1.5% or 3%)
  • Accurate Valuation
  • Value Add Properties

How Buying a Home Works Today

You’ll often hear Realtors say, “The seller pays my fee… my services are totally free to you. This is simply not true. You, the buyer, is the one who pays for everything. Your buyers’ agent, the listing agent, and the home. This is the case even though over 90% of home buyers search online first. 68% find a home without the help of an agent. You have the same access a traditional realtor does to homes. What you’re really paying for is their ability to negotiate in order to get you the best price. The unfortunate reality is that buyers’ agent’s interests lie with the seller, not you. Remember the traditional agent (buy and sell-side) is paid a commission on the final sale price.

Higher the price = higher paycheck for your buyers’ agent.

This fact is why there is a lack of trust in the current residential real estate model. To the point of litigation against the National Association of Realtors, Keller Williams, Remax, and several others. Check this out.

We founded Acuity to serve as an example of social responsibility in the real estate industry. What we’ve done is align our interests with yours. Our Real Estate Advisors are compensated based on your satisfaction, not the selling price. During the consultation phase, we identify goals and key performance indicators (pricing, timeline, transaction experience, etc.) to make clear what success looks like and are rewarded based on hitting those factors.

Acuity’s Approach to a Better Buying Experience

Make better real estate decisions with a pressure-free experience. Peace of Mind from Search to Settlement.

  • Work with a local specialist
  • Streamline the chaos
  • Dedicated mortgage shopper
  • Access to Private Listings
  • Aligned Goals

What you may be learning is that the traditional residential brokerage was built for the Agent. Hopefully, you see the future brokerage as we do. Built on a foundation of trust, transparency, and exceptional service at the fairest price.

Buying and Selling with Acuity is Even Better


Rebate When You Buy


To Sell Your Home

“Our experience was absolutely amazing! We choose to buy and sell with Acuity and was blown away by the overall experience! Not to mention the money we saved… I couldn’t ask for a better team!”
“No need to look any further. This is the future of real estate. Can’t say enough about our experience. Thank you for everything!”
“Acuity went above and beyond to sell our home. Keeping more equity in our house is what brought us to Acuity, however, their transparency and quality of service is why we stayed.”

Acuity Realty

A modern real estate brokerage designed for savvy homeowners looking for exceptional service at the fairest prices.